2017 Events at the Madison Farmers’ Market

This year, in coordination with our new Kids’ Club program, the Madison Farmers’ Market will host a variety of theme-days to make shopping at the market fun for kids of all ages! To see more about this free program please check out the Programs & Outreach page.

In addition to these theme-days, we are working to line up knowledgeable speakers and presenters, musical talents and guest crafters. If you, or someone you know would like to participate, please contact our market manager to make arrangements.

5.13  Opening Day!

6.4  Shoots & Sprouts Day: in observance of National Gardening Month
6.11  Maine’s Great Outdoors Day
6.18  International Picnic Day/Father’s Day
6.25  Birds & Bees Day in honor of National Pollinator Week

7.2  World UFO Day
7.9  Every Day Heroes Day
7.16  Community Elders Day: honoring senior citizens, community elders, and grandparents.
7.23  Mid-Summer/Summer Solstice Day
7.30  Adventure Day! (think Indiana Jones, Star Wars, the Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, LOTR, various fairy tales, etc.

8.6  Friendship Day
8.13  Celebrating Water in honor of Water Conservation Month
8.20  Man’s Best Friend Day in observance of International Homeless Animals Day.
Includes a pet food/supply drive to benefit the Somerset Humane Society.
8.27  Madison/Anson Days: see your local farmers in the annual parade!
With more festivities to follow at market this day!

9.3  Decomposers Day: recognizing the important role decomposers
like worms, beetles, flies, etc. play in our environment.
9.10  5th annual Harvest Celebration

1st annual Friends of the Market Pot-Luck: date and location to be determined.